Sachin Tendulkar, at a felicitation function organsied by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), said that in inter-school and inter-college matches, it should be 15 a side and not 11.

"May I suggest to MCA that we play 15 players at school and college cricket, instead of 11? A young boy travels a long distance and he is still not sure whether he will play or not.

Some players work for the whole year and still do not get chances in Giles and Harris Shield. Every player should get a minimum of three matches to prove himself. Till a player is able to stand on his feet, the MCA should support him.

We will have a larger pool of players to select from, the selectors will have more options and nearly 10,000 children will profit from this move. It will benefit Mumbai cricket and the rest of the nation will follow suit," Tendulkar said.

Realisling that there will be those who will question his suggestions in the light of the fact that his son Arjun is a budding cricketer, Tendulkar said: "Some will say that I am suggesting this because Arjun plays cricket, but that is not the case. I have seen many players who had the same passion as me, but they didn't get chances.

Arjun will still get my support whether he is successful or not, but a lot of players will not get it as their parents will force them to try other fields. When people do not get a platform, do not get an opportunity, it saddens me."

After awarding this year's Kanga League winners, Tendulkar lauded Mumbai's club cricket culture. "It is fantastic. It was because of this that we have won the Ranji Trophy 40 times." He also made an announcement for the Mumbai Ranji team. "If you win the trophy this season, I will be the first one to celebrate with you."

After celebrating his guru Ramakant Achrekar's 81st birthday, he gave special awards to budding youngsters Prthvi Shaw and Musheer Khan.

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