The controversial Malayalam film Vedi Vazhipadu directed by debutant Shambhu Purushothaman which was denied a censor certificate was passed with an A certificate by the Revising Committee.

The reason cited was that the adult comedy offends religious sentiments. The posters of the film had such provocative slogans like “Moralists, please forgive, Vedi Vazhipadu begins” and so on. The story is reportedly based on the activities of a few husbands when their wives are busy with the offerings at the legendary ‘Attukal Pongala’.

The film has Indrajith, Murali Gopy, Anumol, Sunil Sugatha, Mythili and Anushree. It has been produced by director Arun Kumar Aravind and scenarist Murali Gopi. The film’s trailers and reports have suggested that it is in tandem with the “new generation” style of comedy where suggestive lines, booze and every attempt to show “boldness” are there aplenty.

Vedi Vazhipadu now with an A certificate which was originally slated for release on November 29, will now release onDecember 12.

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