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Thread: Tips to be a successful manager

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    Default Tips to be a successful manager

    1.Know how to motivate the team:
    As a manager, you must know how to pull the team up when there is a difficult task ahead or when the team has faced a setback. It is you who must step up to the task and lift the morale of all the team members by knowing what will help in motivating them. This would require a deep understanding of your team members and the ability to see the best in every one.

    2.Learn how to delegate well:
    As a manager, it is your responsibility to know who will be the best choice for a particular task. In order to understand that, you must pay attention to the potentials and limitations of each of your team members. It would require a close analysis and a keen sense of observation. The way you delegate things must bring the best in the person and should help propel the team to success.

    3.Know how to keep the team together:
    When you have a number of people working under you as a team, there are bound to be some ego clashes or personal issues amongst them. It is your responsibility to figure out how to keep the team working well together. You must understand each and every individual and work accordingly so as to not have any conflicts within the team. Needless to say, you must ensure that you are not biased towards a particular team member and treat them all equally. This will go a long way in ensuring the success of the team.

    4.Lead by example:
    Every time you give a speech or advise a team member to work in a certain way or follow certain work ethics, you must make sure that you yourself walk the talk first. For instance, you cannot expect your team members to reach office in time if you yourself are always late. Your teammates will respect you more if they see you following all the practices that you teach them. This will go a long way in building a healthy relationship with your employees.

    5.Give constructive feedback:
    A member of your team may let you down on some occasion. Instead of plainly pointing out all his/her mistakes and flaws, you must learn how to give a feedback in a constructive manner. This would not only help the person realize his/her mistake but will also motivate the person to not repeat the mistake. Also, it would help in keeping the morale of the team high.

    6.Stay balanced:
    For you to be a successful manager, it is vital that you stay balanced all through. Do not let the success of a project go to your head and do not let a setback go to your heart. Only when you are balanced as an individual, will you be able to give justice to your team and give them the kind of guidance that they need.

    7.Take responsibility for your mistakes:
    Just because you are the manager, it does not mean that you are perfect. There will be many occasions where you might end up making an error in judgment or might take the wrong decision. Do not shy away from accepting your mistake and taking full responsibility for it. This attitude will trickle down and would inspire each and every team member to follow suit. It would also be a display of great strength of character on your part.

    8.Seek employee feedback:
    In order to constantly keep improving as a manager, you must be open to the feedback from the employees. Be open to criticism and suggestions. This will help you in getting a reality check and will give you creative ideas as to how you can be more effective as a manager. Also, this would make the team members realize that their voices are being heard.

    9.Know how to communicate better:
    As a manager, it is extremely vital that you get your message across clearly. Whether you are addressing the whole team or a particular individual, you must be clear about your goals and objectives. Also, work on your body language. You must additionally learn how to be firm without being rude or offensive. Do appreciate a team member if he or she does a good job and know how to give a constrictive feedback when someone falters. Just learn when to say and how to say the things that you wish to convey.

    10.Leave your ego aside:
    If you wish to be a successful manager, then you must work on dealing with your ego. Being in power may corrupt you and you must be very aware of the changes that the power has brought in you. Always remember that you were not born a manager and that you are not perfect. If you yourself do not have any ego issues, then your team members will also learn from you and will try to emulate you.

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    Default Tips to be a successful manager

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