(Road trips are not possible to all holiday locations, and a lot of times, flying to a destination is a much more convenient option. But in times like these, parents often worry about their little ones, and start to panic about how they will manage their kids during the flight. Well, there is no need to panic as such, because a little bit of planning is all that it requires for you as well your kids to have a good and safe journey.)

Book tickets wisely

If you can manage getting a first class tickets, then nothing like it, because kids will get more space there. If not, then go in for the front-most seats in the Economy Class, which have good legroom, and are also closer to the washroom. While booking tickets, a lot of airlines also give the facility of telling them well in advance how many kids you will be traveling with, and if there are any specific kid-friendly meals you’d like to take on-board. It also helps to not take a lap-child, and get your child a separate seat instead, simply so that there is more space, convenience and comfort. For infants and toddlers, airlines also sometimes have nappy-changing tables near the front seats, along with special facilities of strollers on-board. So keep all of these factors in mind while booking your tickets, and look for an airline that gives the best child-friendly features, along with taking care of your specific needs, if any.

Carry basic childcare items

You may not be able to get kid-friendly food everywhere, and in case of babies, they need to be fed often. In such cases, carry a separate bag meant only for food items for the kids. Keep this bag separate from the other bags, so that you have no difficulty during security check, and can easily tell the airline people to allow you to carry these eatables inside. Also keep a couple of extra napkins, one change of clothes, a muffler or shawl in case your child feels cold during the flight. Kids have a sensitive skin and can get rashes very easily, so carry basic baby wipes and anti-rash creams also with you. But again, get all of these approved by the airline people first, as not all airlines let your carry liquids and lotions during the flight.

Keep a check on kids’ mood swings

Children suffer from major mood swings, and they have high chances of getting cranky and irritated during long journeys, especially long flights. Keep them entertained by carrying a few of their most favorite toys and books. If your airline has an in-flight entertainment system, then keep the kids busy with games, movies and whatever else is available there. Some parents say that it is best to take kids with red eyes during a journey, because that way, they will simply sleep through it, and will wake up fresh when the destination arrives.

Minimize the luggage

Try your best to carry as less luggage as possible, so that you can focus more on the kids, instead of taking care of the luggage and the weight of it. Avoid carrying too many small bags for each little thing and putting them in stroller pockets because the more stuff you have, the more problem you will have during security checks, and the higher will be the risk of you leaving something behind. For children above 5, it is best to give them a small bag to handle on their own, with a water bottle, an extra napkin, a few toys, books and other necessary items. That way, at least your child handles some of your luggage. Make sure however that you put name tags on everything, and also give your child an identity card to wear, in case he/she gets lost somewhere.

Keep your kids comfortable and yourself calm

Always remember that cranky kids can become a problem for co-passengers as well. So keep your kids as comfortable as possible during the journey. Get earplugs and tangy toffees to be used during landing, when your kids’ ears start to pain. And most importantly, keep clam, and don’t lose your cool under any circumstance, as that will only cause your kids to get more irritated.

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