is a shallow drama shot in a film camera with lame plot and pathetic performances. Some producers think that thriller is an easy job but it is the most difficult thing to do in films; most difficult just next to comedy. ' Jackpot is the result of Kaizad Gustad trying to cash in on the hype Sunny Leone factor created but it is too late to do it right. This non creative product bores you and makes you go for a drink break more than twice.

This is termed as an erotic thriller at least for the sake of publicity and promotions but there are neither thrill nor esthetically shot erotic scenes in this film. Naseeruddin Shah really must be in some financial trouble, otherwise he wouldn't have chosen to act in this film. There is no dramatic or emotional hook in the story which is too shallow and riddled with card board characters.

Jackpot is set in Goa and is a story of a con game played by a bunch of young fortune hunters with their target Casino Owner Boss (Nasseruddin Shah) . Equipped with a master plan, the main players Francis (Sachiin Joshi), Maya (Sunny Leone) tries to retrieve the jackpot money which is gone missing and who gets it and how forms the story.

What's bad
When there are enough producers without any understanding of this medium, you will be seeing such stretched-out lameness in the form of cinema. Lead actor Sachiin Joshi doesn't impress you and I think he must search for a day job because acting in cinema is not his cup of tea. In the scenes where he should be cunning, he looks clueless and of course, he looks clueless in all his scenes. Sunny Leone is not really an actress who could improve by time and more films. At least that's what her performance convinces you.


Naseeruddin Shah's hair is styled in a slick, wicked way and his screen presence is amazing. Apart from his performance, there is nothing much to mention about performance in this film. Yes, in one song, Sunny Leone looks good. That's all.


I don't have a reason to suggest this movie for you. If you are a die hard fan of Sunny Leone.

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