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    Hair care for winter season depends upon the type of hair. Each hair type has different requirements.A few hair care tips for winter hair which are common to all hair types are discussed further.

    Hot Oil Massage - Hair becomes rough and dry during winter season. It loses moisture and looks frizzy. Oil massage rejuvenates and re-hydrates dry hair and scalp. Oil reduces the dryness caused due to the winter winds. Hot Oil massage can be done using any hair oil. Regular oil massages during winters is very useful for winter hair care.

    Hair Packs -
    Hair packs can be made from natural ingredients as well as synthetic chemicals. Both the type of hair packs are good for providing moisture to hair, reducing dandruff and improving the hair quality. Natural hair packs can be made at home using a combination of ingredients like curd, milk, henna, lemon and neem. Synthetic hair packs are also good and provide instant results.

    Conditioners - Conditioners are a savior during winter season. Good conditioners help to keep the hair and scalp hydrated. Split ends can also be avoided by using good conditioners. It is essential to use conditioners for winter hair care. You can use conditioners before washing you hair with a shampoo. Keep the conditioner for 5 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Repeat the procedure after washing hair with the shampoo.

    Hairstyle and maintenance - Winter season has chilly winds that damage the hair and scalp. Do not keep your hair open. The cold winds tend to cause hair locks. Keep your hair tied in a bun or a high pony tail. Avoid combing of hair frequently as it may cause split ends. The best care for hair during winters is to keep your hair simple.

    Heat Applications - Hair and scalp tends to get dry and rough during winters. At this time avid using appliances that may heat the hair. Hair care appliances like hair dryers, blowers and straighteners should be avoided. Hair becomes more dry when external heat is applied to it.

    Shampoo and Conditioners - Hair requirements change every season. So change your shampoo according to the season. Use a shampoo that will suit your hair style for winter season. Consult a hair specialist and use the shampoo and conditioner suggested by them.

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    A very good and informative post. Can you please let me know some healthy tips and suggestions to maintain some of the braided hairstyles as well. I have got a list of my clients who have braided hairstyles and the ladies are finding it quite hard to maintain it. That would be so nice of you.

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    This is really good post. One can easily now take care her hair in winter.

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