You can either place real or artificial gifts on the tree or below the Christmas tree. The presence of gifts always sets an excitement for children.

Lights are the most important part of the Christmas tree. As mentioned earlier, no Christmas tree is complete without lights. Fairy tale lights are the traditional form, but this year go in for neon lights which will make your tree look brighter and beautiful.

3.Something Traditional:
Every year you should place a traditional ornament when decorating the Christmas tree. The traditional feeling of these ornaments will make your festive season all the more special.

Christmas ornaments is a must for your Christmas tree. If you are looking at something unique, there are many which is booming in the market. This year, glass ornaments have become the latest fashion. So, decorating the Christmas tree with glass ornaments is worth the try.

5.Handmade Decorations:
If your children are creative with their hands, make sure they come up with their own Christmas tree decorations. It will add to the beauty of the tree and make them feel all the more happy.

To give out that snow flake look, place big blobs of cotton on the leaves when you are decorating the Christmas tree. Place the cotton lightly on the tree so it gives you that natural look.

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