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Thread: Tips: Cut flowers fresh

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    A tablespoon of bleach will do wonders to keep your cut flowers fresh. The bleach prevents mold, which usually kills flowers.

    If you insert aspirin in the flower vase which has fresh cut flowers, it will increases the acidity of the water thus helping it move up the stem. This tip is to make cut flowers last longer.

    One of the best tips to keep your cut flowers fresh is by adding white vinegar to the flower vase 60 seconds before you place the flowers in. The vinegar and the water acts as a catalyst to prevent the flowers from dropping after the third day.

    A coin dropped in a vase will make the cut flowers fresh and last longer. The reason being that the metal of the coin acts as a natural antibacterial agent.

    Adding a spoon full of sugar to the flower vase will make the fresh flowers last longer because the sugar helps in photosynthesis. But one disadvantage of this tip is that, it promotes bacterial growth.

    If you want to make your fresh cut flowers last longer, one of the tips you can follow is to drop in a few drops of Listerine in the vase. The Listerine kills bacteria the way it kills plaque.

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    wow thats easy to manage fresh flowers

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