1.Problems of Conceiving:
When a woman is born, all the eggs are already present in her ovaries. One or two eggs mature every month during your menstrual cycles. So if you are 45 years old, all the eggs in your ovaries are the same age as you.

2.Low Hormonal Activity:
As you enter your 40s or even late 30s, your body starts preparing for menopause. Naturally hormonal activity is low. Thus, your pregnancy hormones will not be soaring.

As you age, your reproductive system starts developing problems like cysts and fibroids. You can conceive with fibroids but it makes your pregnancy complicated.

4.Chronic Age Diseases:
As you cross the 40 mark, the body starts ageing at a faster pace. That is why, chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure start attacking you now. These diseases makes your pregnancy a high risk one.

5.Ectopic Pregnancy:
Ectopic pregnancies are commoner among older women. When you conceive at an older age, your chances of having ectopic pregnancies increases manifold.

6.Chromosomal Defects:
Certain chromosomal defects like non-dysjunction of the last chromosome is very common in late pregnancies. It leads to genetic disorders like Down’s Syndrome.

7.Risk of Cancer:
Late pregnancy have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, especially breast and ovarian cancer in women.

8.Pressure On Your Heart:
Giving birth to a baby puts tremendous pressure on your heart. It is almost like running a 1000 kilometres! So at 40, this strain might be a little too much for your heart. Moreover, the oestrogen that protected your heart in youth is waning now.

9.Placental Problems:
With age, the elasticity of all our body muscles decreases. The same holds good for the uterus which is required to stretch a good deal during pregnancy. The inability of the uterus to stretch beyond a point might cause placental disruption.

10.Birth Defects:
Late pregnancies are always associated with chances of preterm birth. Premature deliveries in turn are associated with birth defects. The most common birth defects among the babies of 40 plus women is cardiac disorders.

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