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    Default Healthy summer diet tips

    Eat Fresh Food: Always consume fresh food during summer. Foods gets spoiled a lot easier in summer than in winter. To avoid getting sick, eat fresh food.

    Gritty Salads: Fresh salads will keep you healthy in summer. Make yourself a healthy salad filled with leafy vegetables like spinach, cucumber and tomatoes.

    Refreshing Foods: Yogurt and curd are two of the best options to stay healthy this summer. Your diet should have one of these refreshing foods. Buttermilk is another cool beverage to beat the summer.

    Hydrate Yourself: During the hot summer months, heat and sweat leave your body dehydrated. Lack of water is harmful to your body, making you crave for food. For those of you on a weight loss regime, drink lots of water to keep the pangs away.

    Friendly Fruits: Fruits is the best way to keep yourself healthy during summer. Consume fruits which are rich in water content and less in calories such as watermelon, grapes and oranges.

    Donít Skip Meals: One of the most important healthy summer diet tips is not to skip meals. By skipping meals, you will put on more weight.

    Cool Veggies: There are a list of cool veggies which you can consume this season. One of the most healthy summer diet tips to follow is to eat veggies like cucumber, mint and radish.

    Avoid Sodas: Although the best way to beat the heat is to drink chilled liquids, one must stay away from sodas. It is one of the worst beverages to cool your body.

    Avoid Dried Fruits: Refrain from eating dried fruits. Though it is good for your heart, dried fruits increase body heat.

    Fatty Foods: Fat has a thermal effect on your body during the summer.It is best not to indulge in fried foods like samosas and chips.

    Find A Summer Hobby: To beat the summer heat, find a hobby which will keep you healthy. There are two options Ė swimming and gardening. Both are good for your mind and body.

    Stay Away From Sugar: It is best to stick to natural sugar which is available in fruits and veggies. It is one of the best healthy summer diet tips to follow

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    Yups Agreed Fruits is the best way to keep yourself healthy during summer,
    Worth Of Read, Thanks

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