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Thread: Tips:Best salads for weight loss

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    1.Low Cholesterol Beet Salad:
    This is a very basic salad that includes beets and Dill. This salad is good for the heart, is rich in vitamins and improves the blood hemoglobin along with reducing those extra grams. To prepare this salad boil the beet and add dill and coriander seeds to it. Add salt and pepper for taste.

    2.Cabby Diet Salad:
    Cabbage is considered the best vegetable for a salad, especially when you have to reduce your weight with it. This cabbage salad has pineapple in it and is very good for diabetic patients. To prepare this salad mix a bowl of shredded cabbage with half bowl of pineapple, lettuce, carrot and some coriander seeds. Add black salt for taste.

    3.Cucumber Salad:
    Cucumber is one vegetable with high water content and low in carbohydrates. It is also very rich in fibre content. Therefore, cucumber salad is very good for weight loss purposes. To prepare this salad take a bowl of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions. Dress this salad with green chilies, soy sauce and lemon juice.

    4.Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Salad:
    This salad is very beneficial for weight loss after pregnancy. It is made by using Dalia, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes and carrots. To prepare this boil 100 grams of wheat Dalia in a bowl. Drain the water and add the vegetable dressing to it. The vegetable dressing should consist of a bowl of chopped cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and onions. Add chopped mint leaves and salt for taste.

    5.All In One Salad:
    This salad consists of every vegetable known. It is super rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and energy. To prepare this salad chop a bowl full of cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, broccoli and onions.Wash all the vegetables in cold water and refrigerate them for some time to make them crisp. Add a little salt, a pinch of lemon and black salt for taste. You can also use any salad dressing for this type of a salad. The best suited dressing would be cream celery dressing. Do not use cheese or any other fatty food in the salad. It will not be useful for weight loss.

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    I will suggest you should first consult with any expert before trying salad for weight loss because it may cause more weight gain so you should be conscious
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    good post shared

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    looking yummy!

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    Cucumber is good in weight loss ?
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