Rotman Interactive Trader and Rotman Position Manager (RIT and RPM), are market and portfolio management simulation systems developed by the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto. Using RIT, markets can be created within the trading room that allow students to trade against each other or against and an automated system. Trading cases using RIT generally require students to make pricing and trading decisions based on their analysis of data provided in the case and market. The cases can be tailored to teach specific concepts, valuation models, or strategies. Some of the cases that have been developed focus on merger arbitrage, index trading, discounted cash flow valuation models, and option pricing and hedging enables the performance of detailed technical analysis. In addition to being used for classes, RIT is generally used in various trading competitions for Penn State students held throughout the year.

RPM allows users to manage a portfolio of market traded securities using real-time market prices. The system provides students with streaming quotes and the ability to enter orders to trade listed securities including stocks, bonds, and derivative instruments. Simulations can last for hours or months. The experience allows users to apply portfolio management techniques and the ability to test various trading strategies without risking any real capital.

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