Kitchen Tips

› If salt is more in dish, then add some tomato juice in it. It will make the salt less..

› Garlic skin comes off easily if the garlic flakes are warmed a little before peeling.

› Before frying the potatoes just soak the potato pieces in the buttermilk and allow them 2 fry,it will be very tasty and soft.

› Mix some vinegar before frying the fish, it will make good taste.

› If u cut brinjal for cooking and keep, it turns black so to avoid this put some salt in water and keep the brinjal in it,this will not turn them black .

› While making dough of chapati add little milk and oil,it will be very soft.

› Preventing cerels,pulses and whole or ground spices from getting spoilt even during monsoon.Simply put a few pieces of whole turmuric and things will remain free of worms.