Dress according to the requirements of your industry:
Dressing is an important aspect of maintaining a good professional image because your appearance forms your first impression on others. Wear clean and ironed formal attire at office and at other work related events. If your industry does not require you to be in formals all the time, dress accordingly but be presentable at all times.

Always carry a business card:
Signs of a good professional is the promptness with which she pulls out her business card in front of a customer or a client. You can face an awkward moment if someone asks you for your contact details and you donít have your business card. Even if you are going to a place where you donít expect a business contact to turn up, always keep your business cards with you.

Pay attention to body language:
You may take all the care to maintain a professional image but if you donít pay attention to your body language, your efforts can go in vain. Body language includes the way you sit, talk, walk and present yourself in front of others. From making good eye contact, speaking loudly, giving a firm handshake to speaking without a stammer, there are many minute things you need be aware of. These small details regarding body language can make a significant difference to your image.

Give prompt replies:
Whether you are dealing with emails, texts, snail mail or social media, giving prompt replies to customers, vendors, suppliers or colleagues is very important. Replying to an email after a week of receiving it can ruin your professional image along with that of the company. If you are not going to be at your desk, set automated replies on your email or forward important mails to a colleague who is working in your absence. Do what it takes to give prompt and courteous replies.

Keep your office gear professional looking:
If you carry a tablet with a sleeve that has a print of your favorite rock band to a work meeting, your professional image will take a beating. If you open an official notepad in front of a client and it is full of scribbles and doodles, your client will judge you instantly. If you boot up your laptop in front of a customer and the first thing he or she sees is a wallpaper of your favorite celebrity, your image will be stained. Steer clear of personalizing your office gear to keep your professional image intact.

Remove unprofessional looking content from your social media pages:
Remove any content on your social media pages that can potentially tarnish your professional image. Random professionals are likely to browse through your social media pages to know what you are as a professional. So clean up your online image.

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