Have you ever relaxed to the sound of your favourite songs,or popped your headphones in to hear some bass-thumping music & dance during a workout. If so, you’ve seen first-hand how music can help all of us stay fit and healthy. Research has shown various ways music & dance impacts our health – from helping us sleep better, to strengthening our hearts. Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate music into your healthy lifestyle.

Use the beat to become a better runner

Most of us are drawn to dance beats rather than folk rock when we’re pounding the pavement – and it turns out there’s good reason for this preference. If you sync your running pace to music, there’s a likelihood you’ll increase the intensity of your workout.In other words, you’re probably better off playing to ensure the beat matches your running tempo and keeps you motivated.

Listen to music to help you sleep

Research has shown if you listen to relaxing music, even earlier in the day, it’ll help you sleep at night, So whatever your age, mellowing out to music can help you get quality rest.
Play relaxing tunes to beat stress

listening to music can reduce stress levels.Listening to relaxing music – as in, tunes with a slow tempo, low pitch and no lyrics – has been reduce stress and anxiety .So next time you’re feeling anxious, try mellowing out to some of your favorit music you might just find your mind stops racing.

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