1.Improved Immunity and Stamina:
For those who fall sick very often and have a very low immunity, as well as those who cannot afford to fall sick at all in their profession, such as athletes and sports persons, Hot Yoga is the best way to gain improved stamina and immunity. It works towards improving the entire body’s systems, making you healthier and fitter, with greater strength and stamina to perform all tasks. Those involved in rigorous physical activities, such as sports persons, dancers, and gymnasts will automatically feel a boost in their energy, stamina and endurance levels.

2.Aids in Weight Loss:
Unlike conventional slimming and weight loss programs, hot Yoga works faster, because it happens in a controlled environment, where the stress is on sweating more and burning out calories. The room’s temperature for hot Yoga will be anywhere between 30 to 50 degree Celsius, and the humidity will be extended anywhere between 40% and 60%. The extra humidity too causes people to sweat more, making them lose their calories, and converting it into energy. You will basically be losing inches off your body very quickly.

3.Muscle Benefits and Improved Mobility:
Since hot Yoga is a kind of rigorous cardiovascular program, it helps to get all the muscles of the body toned properly, giving increased flexibility and movement ability. It also cures joint pain, and may heal prior muscle injuries, along with making the muscles stronger to deal with any kinds of injuries later on. Problems such as stiffness in the joints, weak joints etc. also get cured easily.

4.Combats Stress and Anxiety:
Hot Yoga is a great stress reliever and reduces anxiety. If you happen to be the kind of person who lacks efficiency at work because you have a confused mind, with low concentration, then it is time that you try out hot Yoga, and develop some mental peace. The boosted up heart rate will improve your mood, and will also help you get better sleep.

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