Chandrika Face Wash
range offers all the goodness of Chandrika in a modern and attractive new format.

The entire face wash range offers the cleansing properties of natural ingredients made even more effective with the Chandrika promise of Active Ayurveda. Demonstrating a deep understanding that different skin types and problems need different solutions, the range encompasses every need.

Ultra Purifying Face Wash is a unique blend of Natural Neem Oil and Cinnamon Oil which on daily usage not only prevents pimples but also reduces post pimple marks. It is ideal for daily use by all skin types and leaves your skin feeling clean and healthy all day.

Moisturising Face Wash, enriched with the goodness of Avocado Oil helps nourish dry skin while repairing the dehydrated and scarred skin. It also aids regeneration of skin tissue, thereby keeping the skin soft, supple and well moisturized. It is ideal for dry skin and helps restore moisture in the skin.

Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash is a deep cleansing face wash suited for all skin types. Its micro exfoliating beads help gently remove dead skin cells and blackheads while the Aloe Vera helps in unclogging the pores, thereby reducing acne breakouts.

Nourishing Face Wash is a unique blend of 7 Essential Oils that rejuvenate your skin for an all day fresh look. The unique formulation goes deep into the skin and refreshes it from inside out by providing the skin the essential supplements it needs.

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