Rabbits are really the best kids-friendly pets having a strange mix of both dog and cat like qualities. Rabbits are found in a variety of sizes, colors and ear length. Their weight is also very light and pet owners can keep them as pet for their child of even 5 years age group. In United States, there are more than 60 breeds of rabbits available and their weight ranges from 2 to 13 pounds. Life span of rabbits is generally 5-10 years and needs safe indoor and outdoor environment for protection against other animals.

Parrots: They are not only colourful, but also playful and lively. In nature, there are more than 350 different types of parrots found in vibrant colours. They’re extremely intelligent and always show affection towards pet owners if they are provided with plenty of space, affection and positive attention by their masters. Lifespan of parrots is up to 80 years and are most suitable for children below 3 years as they exercise a lot in encouraging kids to communicate with them.

Hamsters: Hamsters are also known as ‘pocket pets’ because of their attractive size. They are environment friendly, cute and furry. They are also kids-friendly pets . The most common breed of hamsters that is preferred to keep as pet at homes is the Syrian hamster which has an ability to grow up to 7 inches in length. Lifespan of hamsters are usually very short than other pet animals. In fact, hamsters survive up to 3 years in rare cases. To feed them best, pet owners must use commercial pellets, cheese treat, fresh fruits and vegetables along with fresh water.

Geckos: Geckos also falls under the category of kids-friendly pets which are smaller in size but quite sportive in nature. They’re shy in nature but can earn trust of pet owners. Their life span is up to 20 years and most suitable for kids above 10 years of age. Feed them fresh water along with worms and crickets.

Guinea Pig: Guinea Pigs are one of the best Children friendly pets. They are available in several colours and patterns having either short or long hair. Their life span is of 5 to 10 years and is easily adaptable to homely environment. They can be easily fed on prairie hay, daily dose of Vitamin C, fresh vegetables and water. They’re also very light in weight and therefore your child can easily carry them while playing.

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