Pick Up Colours:
Toddlers love to play with attractive toys which are bright in colour. Excite your toddler to brush by picking up some nice colours. This will encourage the toddler to playfully brush the teeth. You can also play with the toddler so that the child loves this activity and doesn’t find it hard ot make it a routine habit.

When the baby starts teething, you must make it a habit of wiping out the thin coat from tooth with a wet washcloth. While bathing your infant, make sure you use a clean washcloth to clean the teeth. Wrap up your finger with the washcloth and then wipe out from your baby’s mouth.

Warm Water:
You can also give warm water to the toddler. Warm water can kill all the bacteria present inside the mouth. As the toddler doesn’t eat sticky food that are not tooth-friendly, you can simply start off with warm water. Do not add salt as it can damage the growing teeth of the child.

Brushing Teeth:
This is one of the best ways to clean your toddler’s teeth. When the toddler starts teething, you can buy the specific toothbrush and toothpaste for him/ her. While buying the toddler oral care kit, keep the age of your child in mind. Also pick up a toothpaste which doesn’t have strong concentration of fluoride.

Make Brushing A Habit:
It is one of the easiest ways to clean your toddler’s teeth. When they develop the habit of brushing, the toddler will not cry every morning when you hand them a brush with a toothpaste on it.

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