Rehearse in your mind

This really helps. You can stand in front of the mirror and speak aloud. Watch your body language, improvise and practise eye contact. Sometimes you might use writing as a method of asserting your thoughts, especially, if speaking in a group is a problem.

Often our worries about others' reactions stop us from speaking our mind. 'Will they get angry, feel offended or become hostile? Will they judge us?' are the questions that we worry over. But the fact is, if you are assertive in a non-confrontational way, more often than not, others actually learn to respect you!

Treat others as equals
While putting across your views, remember that nobody is better or inferior to you. Give this vibe to the ones you are communicating with. To do this, lend them a patient ear, appreciate what they say and pack your points into the same sentence. You could say 'I appreciate your viewpoint but I have a feeling that maybe it should be done in a different way....' or 'I think you have made some valid points but maybe there is another way of looking at it'. These are very effective ways of being heard without sounding offensive.

Speak softly & clearly
Sometimes your tone, pitch or voice can show aggression. Also, make sure that you are not sarcastic. Do not make fun of the other person, especially if you are in a group. Remember, nobody likes to be humiliated and that too in the presence of others.

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