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Thread: Natural methods to delay or prepone periods?

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    Default Natural methods to delay or prepone periods?

    Natural methods to delay or prepone periods?

    Basically eating the cold affecting vegetables will delay your 'period'and eating heat generating food will prepone your 'period'.

    Mix a pinch of Turmeric Powder in hot water and have it in the morning and in the evening daily for about fifteen days before the expected date of periods. Your periods will have high chances to come early then by about 5 to 6 days than the expected day. Turmeric Powder increases the heat in your body and thereby causing periods to come early.

    Heat things up. Apply a hot compress over your lower abdomen or sit in a hot bath tub for a half hour regularly for a few days. Plan to drink lukewarm water during this period. Heating up the body in these ways can bring about an early period.

    Papaya: eat one small papaya for at least 7 days regularly, if you want to induce your period earlier than its due date. Carotene in papaya helps to prepone menses. Beside, papaya produces lot of heat in the body.

    Carrots and pumpkin are other two fruits that contain enough carotene. They both can prove beneficial if you want to prepone your menses.

    Having Pottu kadalai helps delay periods. Have them in larger quantity almost like a whole snack.

    Having Ellu (Sesame seeds), Jackfruits, Papayas in larger quantity would result in earlier periods.

    To prepone your periods one can even have pineapple juice 2 times a day as it produces excess heat in the body which is the main cause for the egg to burst and your monthly cycle to start

    prepone - have heat inducing foods like pineapple, papaya, sugarcane juice, sesame, Mango pickle

    Take high doses of Vitamin C, Drink ginger tea

    Drink ginger tea. Two or more cups of strong ginger tea taken when you expect your period or after a period's due date should bring on menstruation in a few days.

    Eating too much dates makes periods early.

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    Prepone Periods Helping Fruits

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