Virender Sehwag may not have been retained by the Delhi Daredevils but the IPL team's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hemant Dua considers the veteran opener "the most sporting personality one would ever come across".

"Viru is an amazing human being. He is the most sporting person you can ever come across. He is very honest in his thoughts and is a very straight-talking person. He is very much with us in every decision that we have taken," Dua said in response to a question about whether Sehwag was intimated about the franchise decision of non-retention.

The CEO also made it clear that it is not just Sehwag but the franchise has made it a point to speak to most of its players on an individual basis.

"It's not only about a Sehwag or a Kevin Pietersen. We have spoken to most of our players on an individual basis explaining them about our decision. Now I can't divulge the details of the discussion as it is strictly confidential between the player and the franchise," Hemant Dua said.

According to the team boss, all the major cricketing decisions will be taken by the quartet of chief coach Gary Kirsten, assistant coach Eric Simons, TA Sekar and Ashish Kapoor.

"We have a very competent team of cricket specialists who will take all the decisions regarding team building. For us, the aim is to build a good team for the future. We want a team that is consistent and lives up to fan's expectations. We want a team with players that will play for the DD badge upfront in their jerseys and not for the name behind it," Hemant Dua added.

Since Daredevils will have a full purse of Rs 60 crore with three 'Right To Match' cards, the top boss calls it an opportunity to paint a "fresh canvas with new colours".

"At this point of time, it is a very fluid situation for us. A lot of decisions will be taken as we come closer to the auction date on February 12. We have to also keep in mind about the scheduling part and also if all the matches will be held in India. The team composition will also depend on those factors. The critical part is to have the right mix of players," Hemant Dua concluded.

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