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Thread: Need Backup of Forum Database

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    Default Need Backup of Forum Database

    I run a couple of free hosted phpbb boards I need to know who to contact and how to pay to get the backups of the sites.
    loki258 aka Matt

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    We can provide database backup of phpBB forum hosted by - Free Hosting, Jobs, Matrimonial, Video and more..., Free Web Hosting, Free Web Site Hosting with No Ads, Your Site Name - Share Your Videos, PHPBBWEB.COM - Free phpbb forum hosting for $20.

    Backup will be provided in "tar.gz" compressed format.

    This is database backup, you need to restore it on your new server with phpMyAdmin or similar utility. Also you may need to change "config" table according to your web web host to get the phpBB database working on your server.

    To do the MySQL restore, you need some experiance in SQL, if your new server use a different version of MySQL, restore will give error and you have to correct the SQL syntax by editing the .sql file.

    If you have phpMyAdmin or SSH access, we can restore the database for $10 extra.

    Make Payment Forum URL


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