65 acres of untouched wilderness, endless vistas and silence broken only by whispers of the wind. Green Berg Resorts unveils a whole new appreciation of the soul stirring enchantment of nature.

You will, for a time become a part of nature, and your rejuvenation will be complete. With a distinctive identity derived from its role as a natural haven, there is ‘everything’ to experience at Green Berg Resorts.

With a variety of vacation activities for your family and friends to enjoy, Green Berg offers you the tranquility of the hills that are far from the madding crowds. Play areas, children's activity programs, indoor and outdoor games, trekking, hiking, boating and camping are some of the activities offered - all in nature’s most beautiful setting at Green Berg.

There is plenty to see and experience while at Green Berg. Draw closer to Nature and her unselfish bounties. Enjoy the great outdoors, experience the feel of the sun, fresh air and open, unconfined surroundings while indulging in a variety of outdoor sporting fun at Green Berg Resorts.

Welcome drink on arrival.
Buffet Meals - 2 Break fast, 2 Lunch & 2 Dinner
Children below 05 Years - Full Complimentary.
Children between 5 and 12 Years - Rs.2250/-
Extra Person - Rs.2750/- Rates inclusive on all Taxes.
Stay can be further extended on pro-rata basis.

Green Berg Holiday Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Nadukani, Kulamavu PO, Idukki, Kerala.
Phone:04862 259984
Mobile: 8606010811
E mail: [email protected]
[email protected]

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