Meditation has powers to dispel the negative emotions like fear, anger, hate or depression. With the capability of beating off these emotions, meditation can lead to a stress free mind and a fit body.

Meditation can cause some very beneficial effects on body. It can lower the blood pressure. It is also helpful in improving immunity of body. A better immune system means less health disorders. If you look around you will find a number of people affected by sleep loss. Meditation helps these people suffering from insomnia by enhancing the quality and quantity of sleep.

A number of mental benefits can also be achieved by practicing meditation. It makes a person emotionally stable. It decreases anger which is very good sign for maintaining good relationships. Meditation also reduces depression and stress. Feelings like depression, stress or anxiety can beget a lot more mental disorder, if allowed to exist. Furthermore it develops self contentment which is very essential for a happy life. Ability to concentrate also gets a hike with meditation.

But before start practicing, have some suggestions. Find good place to meditate. Itís not necessary that the place should be very big. It just needs to be clean and uncluttered. Also the place should not be having much clamor around.

Moreover the time chosen for meditation matters a lot. You should practice meditation at that time when there is no possibility of being disturbed by anybody. Good concentration is highly essential for good meditation. Actually it needs your complete attention, free from all other distractions and disturbances.

You must always remember meditation is for betterment of body and mind not for torturing them. Donít push yourself too hard. Especially as beginner just try as much your body allows comfortably. Later on you will get used to it and can expand the practice accordingly. Besides, your posture while doing yoga should be very appropriate. You must not slouch. Your poor posture can make your spine ill- aligned which itself is a cause of lot many health problems.

If you are ready to practice yoga, you must take some yoga classes first. If itís not possible, you should look for some CDs or books describing yoga. It will be of great help. Doesnít matter where do you start from, all that matter is you do start.

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