Summer sand, hospitality blends in with nature to create the perfect hideaway. Located very close to the pine forests, this stunning resort fills you with the rustic beauty of Vagamon. Vagamon makes life a splendid affair. Positioned at an altitude of 1100 mtrs above the sea level, this hill station stands out with a serene climate amiable for rejuvenation. Sprawling tea plantation, picturesque valleys and mountain, lush green meadows... everything create it a hill station of mystic charm. Amidst these stirring surrounding, an eco-friendly heritage locates typical conditions that delight nature lovers world-wide. Vagamon is also a hot-spot for Para-gliding.

Activities at Summer Sand Hill Resort Vagamon
Conference hall
Ayurvedic spa
Open air roof
Multi cusine restaurant
24 service
Doctor on call
Travel Assistance
Car Rental
Cyber Cafe
Direct dial Telephone

Accommodation at Summer Sand Hill Resort Vagamon

Summer Sand ayurvedic Centre provides you ample opportunities for ayurvedic treatments and Yoga (an ancient system of wellness to find your inner self through breath control and meditation). The natural environs complement such systems. The ayurvedic packages include rejuvenation, Herbal beauty care, and exclusive treatments. Every treatment is done under the supervision of qualified practioners and therapists from Sahyadry ayurveda Pharmacy - a renowned name in ayurvedic treatments. So indulge in and relax..

Patra pinda swedam,Njavara kizhi,Pizhichil,Sirovasti,Sirodhara, Nasya,Body Massage,Karnapoorana,Greeva vasti/ Katee vasti, Nethratharpana,Nethrase,Lepam, Foot Massage

Dining at Summer Sand Hill Resort Vagamon,

The multi cuisine restaurant at Summer Sand-Sayoojya-the food is as magnificient as the vistar. The menu showcases regional flavores, chinese and continental dishes.

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