Rotman Portfolio Manager (RPM) is one of the most robust Fantasy Portfolio Simulations available to Colleges and Universities around the World. The software has been designed to simulate the look, feel and functionality of institutional strength proprietary applications that are used in leading financial institutions.

The application allows students to manage a fantasy portfolio of stocks, bonds, futures and options using market data from the ICE, NYSE, NASDAQ, TMX, and OPRA.

RPM Features

RPM offers students advanced trading and portfolio management features that give them the ability to focus their time on the portfolio design and management process, rather than tedious trade execution and portfolio trading.

Portfolio Management Features
• Daily Portfolio and Trading Records
• Asset Allocation and Attribution Analysis
• Advanced Class/Custom Benchmarking

Trading Features
• Market, Limit, Stop, MOC Order Types
• OCO (One-cancels-others) trades
• Cash Settle or exercise options
• Forex Management.

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