WXtrack is used by many Universities and satellite enthusiasts across the world, and is also used with the industry.
It can read processed satellite images from one or more folders of your choice, and present these images side-by-side with the ground track prediction. To make visual correlation easier, minute markers are produced on the predicted image to match those on NOAA APT transmissions. Because of the graphics used in this program, it really requires a display of 1024 x 768 resolution, but it will work on 800 x 600.

1. A Satellite Summary form is available by right-clicking the World Map display - includes MA display, nearest city in addition to azimuth, elevation range etc.
2. The latitude and longitude of the mouse on the World Map is given in, and the range and bearing from the home location.
3. Input from GPS for location and time setting, GPS prediction mode.
4. Extended Radar view functionality, especially for GPS
5. Solar outage times for geostationary satellites
6. Radio control is possible with the WiSPDDE software.
7. Satellite priority setting and automatic switch to next available satellite.
8. Option of restricting passes tracked to those in the pass list.
9. Automated daily reload of Kepler data
10. Access to the Kepler Manager registered functions
11. Quick access to Sat Batch and Kepler Manager through the Tools menu.
12. The Tracker Test command is considerably enhanced by adding offset control, manual positioning and RA/Dec tabs - ideal for tracker setup and testing.
13. The tracker parking option is available.
14. You can select finer time steps for the pass details list.
15. HRPT channel selection is possible with the G tz Romahn/Bob Barnes CX6DD tracker variant.

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