A team of celebrity cricketers, the Kerala Strikers, was asked to get off an Indigo airlines flight for allegedly misbehaving with the crew.

The Kerala Strikers is one of the teams in a non-professional Celebrity Cricket League that comprises actors.

28 members of that team were asked to get off a Hyderabad-bound Indigo flight at the Cochin airport this afternoon, allegedly over some comments that they made during a security demonstration.

The organiser for Kerala Strikers, Aji Pattah, refuted claims of crew members that the team "misbehaved".

"In the spirit of the game, we were just cheering and clapping and that was objected to. We were not treated right," he said.

After the crew complained, the pilot reportedly refused to fly unless the team got off the plane.

The flight was to leave at 1 pm but finally did an hour and a half later after the row.

The team finally left on the 4:30 pm flight, reportedly after buying new tickets.

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