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    Keyword Marketing is a bedrock element of any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Without knowing which keywords and phrases are most often typed in search boxes, it is impossible to evaluate the attractiveness of a certain search term, and thus to build highly-targeted traffic from search engines.

    Keyword Analyst is a powerful tool for Keyword Research. Every time you enter your target keyword or phrase, Keyword Analyst queries our Data Center. In a few seconds WebCEO servers return the word combinations with your target words in them and the approximate numbers of daily searches on those keywords.

    The results are totals of queries received from a number of Meta search engines timed by a multiplier. The multiplier we introduced is based on accurate assumptions of user behavior throughout the Internet. We provide the results, which approximate the reality as close as possible for a probability-based model.

    The Keyword Research tool results consist of 100 most-searched keywords. The keyword combinations outside this range are believed irrelevant for the purpose of keyword research and analysis.

    The purpose of Keyword Research is helping you to define keywords and phrases bringing to your site as many target visitors as possible. That is why Keyword Analyst should be normally used with a backward glance to Search Engine Optimization.

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