The Medical Counselling Committee has announced the revised schedule for online PG All India Quota Counseling-2014 in compliance of the order dated 14.03.2014 of the Supreme Court in WP(C) 433 of 2013.

Registration, choice filling/locking done by qualified candidates earlier between 28.02.2014 and 07.03.2014 will be treated as null and void and cancelled. All qualified candidates interested in participating in online PG All India Quota Counseling are required to register and complete procedure, afresh, as mentioned in the schedule now announced.

Facility for Registration will be available from 4.4.2014 to 5 pm on 9.4.2014 only and will be valid for all round of counseling. There will not be any fresh registration, before 3rd Round. The facility for Choice Filling will also commence on 4th April for those registered. Indicative Seat will be available between 4th and 9th April. Choice filling will continue on 10th April and up to 5 pm on 11th April also, during which period, locking of choices will have to be done by the candidates.

Round I Seat Allotment will be processed between 12th April 2014 (Saturday) and 15th April 2014 (Tuesday) and the results of round 1 will be announced on 16th April, 2014 (Wednesday). Those getting allotment, will have to report at the Allotted Medical /Dental College against 1st Round allotment between 17th April (Thursday) 2014 and 5 pm on 26th April (Saturday) 2014.

Round 2 Seat Allotment will be processed between 9th May (Friday) 2014 and 12th May (Monday) 2014 and the Round 2 Result will be published on 13th May (Tuesday) 2014. Those getting allotment in Round 2 should report at the Allotted Medical /Dental College against Round 2 between 14th May (Wednesday) 2014 and 5 pm on 24th May 2014 (Saturday).

Compilation and publication of net vacant seats available for allotment during Round 3 will be carried out during 25th May 2014 (Sunday) and 30th May 2014 (Friday). Choice Submission by candidates eligible for Round 3 can be done from 31st May 2014 (Saturday) to 3rd June 2014 (Tuesday).

Exercising of Choices and Locking can be done up to 5 pm on 4th June, 2014 (Wednesday). Round 3 seat allotment processing will be carried out between 5th June 2014 (Thursday) and 8th June 2014(Sunday).

Round 3 Result Publication will be done on 9th June 2014 (Monday). Those getting allotted against Round 3, have to report to the Institution concerned between 10th June 2014 (Tuesday) and 5 pm on 19th June 2014 (Thursday), Transfer of vacant seats to State Quota will be done after 5 pm on 19th June 2014 (Thursday).