Respect other peoplesí views: Being a good boss means bringing out the best in your team. As a boss make sure to respect the views and opinions of your team mates and discuss their feasibility.

Maintain personal boundaries: Every person desires to have his or her own space. As a boss it is important understand and maintain personal boundaries so as to enable smooth functioning of business affairs.

Personal problems are not professional ones: Everyone has a personal life and a professional life but at the same time it is important to keep the two apart. No subordinate or team member is interested in learning about what happened at the bosses place.

Workplace has no place for personal talk: As a boss one needs to realize that personal matters cannot be brought in between business matters. In fact many people are not comfortable discussing personal matters, be it their own or othersí.

Be firm not rude: In times of disapproval it is tact that that needs to be applied. What you need to learn female bosses is that firmness works better that being rude. On the contrary a rude attitude can have a very bad effect on the teamís functioning.

Be to the point: It is often believed that women, definitely not, are not clear with their thoughts and give vague instructions. Every woman out there managing a team or leading an organization must realize the importance of being to the point. It not only makes understanding easy but also erases doubts.

Do not lean over the shoulder: Not in the literal sense but constantly leaning over a subordinateís shoulder can prove to be quite annoying. If it concerns the completion of a work give a definite time and date for deliverance and gracefully wait for it.

Give clear instruction: Never beat around the bush. If you wish to have a particular job done in a certain manner make it clear at the outset. If required put it down in writing and circulate it among your subordinates.