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Thread: Tips for Travelling Abroad

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    Default Tips for Travelling Abroad

    * Check your insurance and make sure you are covered abroad. If not, it is recommended to take out travel insurance. While many countries offer free medical care at emergency rooms, not everyone does. Do some research to make sure you are covered.

    * Bring multiple copies of your passport. If you lose your passport abroad, it can be quite a process to get a temporary one issued so you can get back home. Having a copy will help. Electronic copies count as well!

    * What's a dollar worth? That depends on where you go. Keep an eye on conversion rates to make sure you budget properly.

    * Not everyone takes credit cards. And atm's don't give the best rates. Convert some cash before you go at the airport just to be sure. In some countries, most places won't accept debit or credit cards. It's best to have some cash on hand.

    * Some countries, like Cuba, have entry and exit fees. You will have to pay a tax to enter and exit the country. Some of them range from $25 to $200 so do some research first.

    * There's an app for that! There are some many travel apps to choose from, you will certainly find the one that is right for you with just a little research. These apps can help you organize hotels, flights, excursions, expenses, and even sometimes documents.

    * Beware of adapters. A simple US to European converter is not the best idea for your electronics. They don't have the right voltage and can fry your very expensive electronics. Spend the 10 euro to get the right charger for that country and save your $900 phone.

    * Pack on the lighter side. No matter what you think, you will go shopping when you are on vacation. One of the biggest nightmares travellers have is how they are going to bring home their newly bought memories. You can find tank tops for 2 euro at local markets so save space and pack light.
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    ravelling abroad is not so different than travelling anywhere else. Some tips I can give you are:
    1) Pack according to destination weather/climate.
    2) Read your airline/airport instructions carefully on what can be in your bags and what cannot.
    3) If you have large bottles of liquid or perfume pack them in the suitcase not your hand luggage as the airport ppl will confiscate them.
    4) NEVER accept any bags or anything to keep in your bag from someone you do not know.
    5) Lock your bag carefully
    6) Stay aware of your surroundings and your bags if you have a stopover somewhere.
    7) Be calm. Air travel is fun. Enjoy it :)

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