Open source implies that the content management software is develop by a community of developers that offers their time, to build the software free of charge for the public. Obviously many of them do accept contributions on their own websites. In some cases there is a cost for some plugins' or modules either develop through the community or any other individual companies.

CMS is short for content management system also referred to as CMS software. Generally the system uses a MSQL Database to generate, edit and store html pages. The CMS software program is used as a mean for clients to quickly launch a website, update their own content, generate or delete web pages as needed.

Once the website is created for a particular content management system and published to the internet one can sign in from any browsers, and from any locations, to gain access, and update the website.

An open source CMS system is also very affordable for any businesses or even self-employed individuals on low budgets to used, since it's free. The only expense required actually is the web design, unless one wants to use a basic theme.