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    Default Summer gardening tips

    Study your garden:
    Before doing anything inside the garden, this is a gardening tip for new gardeners. You must study your garden thoroughly taking every aspect in consideration. You must know the garden along with the tress planted, the area, the water sprinkler connections and the characteristics of the plants in your garden. This is a simple summer gardening tip which will help you to decide how to take care of your garden in summers.

    Keep all Plants are hydrated: Irrespective of the plant type, summers are one season when the heat consumes the plant growth and energy. The soil also becomes dry and the roots may not absorb water quantity that is needed. Therefore, watering the plant is a gardening tip for new gardeners. Water will help to keep the plant fresh and filled with essential nutrients. The summer gardening tips also include watering the plants according to their needs. A rose plant may need more water compare to an aloe vera plant. Keep this in mind before watering plants. Water them as required but regularly.

    Pest Control: The plants are very susceptible to damage in summers. Therefore, be careful with pests. Pests are seen more during summer seasons. Pests and infection can further damage your plants and garden. Use a natural pesticide to keep your garden away from pests. This is an essential gardening tip for new gardeners. As one spoiled apple can damage all apples in the basket, one infected plant can infect all the plants in the garden.

    Plan a shade: There may be some existing plants which cannot tolerate more heat. For such plants, use appropriate shades at appropriate places. This is a summer gardening tip for new gardeners. Shade is necessary for protecting plants from the harsh sunlight. It is very necessary and should not be avoided under any circumstances.

    Plant new but equipped plants: Gardening tips for new gardeners include this advice. If you are planting a new seed, make sure use a sapling of the breed that does not need much water and can tolerate the temperature of your region. Do not plant weak plants or plants that require more water and less sun.

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    Cool Tips, I love gardening on free time,
    These are all summer plants ?

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    These tips will be helpful for my garden. Thanks for valuable advice.

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    Some tips are really new to me.
    I too would like to share some tips on keeping the home and the garden area mosquito free. I have many small potted plants in the balcony and on almost all the windowpanes of my house for last 7 years.

    I have noticed that in summers and monsoon the mosquitoes hover over the plants more than in winters. I think in summer they must be feeling cool around plants but in monsoons, the water collected in pots from rain become the breeding ground for them

    It becomes very difficult to empty the water from pots now and then, hence I read articles on best ways to kill mosquitoes, that helped me to understand why and where the mosquitoes can breed and multiply. Infestation of mosquitoes in homes can cause the risk of getting dengue, chikungunya, and malaria through mosquito bites.

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