Lean Body: Ballet requires every ounce of energy in your body. You have to give to all when you are dancing ballet. That is why, all ballet dancers are slim and lean. Weight loss is an inevitable health benefit of ballet.

Erect Posture: When you are dancing ballet, your spinal cord would have to be ramrod straight at all times. Every movement in ballet is done with a straight back. Even when you bend, you are expected to have a well defined movement. This helps to make your posture erect.

Greater Height: If you learn to be on your toes for such great lengths of time, then you look and feel taller. If you have been dancing ballet from a young age, you have very good chances of growing tall.

Superb Flexibility: As you may have seen in movies, ballet requires you to stretch your legs right over your head. This increases your flexibility and helps you literally glide on your feet.

Flat Tummy: Ballet dancers always pull in their stomachs and puff up their chest when they are dancing. This pose is like a natural workout for the tummy. That is why; dancing ballet for weight loss is a very good option.

Toned Muscles: You need to very strong muscles to do ballet. And years of practice of being on your toes helps to build strong leg muscles. Ballet dancers have the most beautifully toned legs.