Modernday sedentary life style and junk food consumption has increased theoccurrence of joint pains and associated conditions. When there aremild joint pains and inflammation of the joints people tend to takeover- the-counter pain killers and manage the condition but what theydo not realize is that they have to seek help and find a way tocurefor arthritis.Often the disease manifests as pain and inflammation although thereare different kinds of arthritis and if diagnosed at an early stagecan be cured completely. For conquering the disease early diagnosisis the key and the right foods accompanied with the right life style.Like other chronic illness there are certain risk factors forarthritis and this includes family history, age, obesity, jointinjury and studies show that women are more prone to arthritis thanmen. The modern day eating habits and laziness contribute to theincidence among the youth and this must corrected as early aspossible. Rather than suppressing the symptoms and avoiding thefactors that trigger the illness it is always best to cure thedisease from the roots and in Ayurveda, herbal medicines, massages,diet and lifestyle all play an important role in treating the diseaseand curing the patient. As a natural remedy people use castor oil andall type of easily digestible foods like fruit juices and soups,cooked vegetables low in salt and spice are advisable and the patientrequires adequate rest and must refrain from late night discussionsand alcohol and smoking.