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Thread: Best tips for your monsoon travel

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    Default Best tips for your monsoon travel

    Best tips for your monsoon travel

    The first and foremost step to get rid of disastrous outcomes during monsoons is to carry umbrella .

    Buy rain-proof shoes chiefly reliable on your activity.

    Don’t skip to carry first aid supplies , especially disinfectant scrubs and adhesive plaster/ bandages. Carry a towel with you but it should have the capacity to soak maximum water and still can be reused.

    Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers and use bug spray.

    Take extra care by carrying only bottled water , especially, if you are traveling in a relative undeveloped area.

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    First of all during this season always choose lowest-risk destinations. We should get travel insurance during such kinds of trips. Always keep few candles, matches, bottled water and flashlight with you. Check the weather condition of that destination in Advance that you are going to visiting.

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    Avoid traveling in India during monsoons, as many places are at risk of getting flooded and hill stations have risks of landslides. Even if you are traveling carry necessary rainwear and full sleeves clothes that keep you protected against mosquitoes. While traveling carry an electric mosquito killer to use in hotel rooms. But fabric roll-on is the best companion. It has natural oils of citronella and eucalyptus that naturally repels mosquitoes and comes in a handy plastic bottle. Carry a cough and fever medicines for sudden fever and cold. Enjoy your trip with contingency plans to enjoy in the hotel in case of heavy rains.
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