This is what is on my mind just now and I would like to communicate it.

I just posted a new thread at Hosted phpBB Forum Support.

Then I was wondering, why I did not see it.

I thought, it might perhaps have vanished, because I got a new ip address during the process,
as in fact such a thing has happened at about that time.

Therefore I tried to post the same thing again.
This time I saw a message flash up saying something about approval by a moderator.

It vanished so quickly, that I could not really read the whole message!

The first time, it might have vanished so quickly that I didn't even notice it ever being present!

Also I had not read anywhere that that forum was premoderated.

If I had known before, I would not have made a duplicate post.

At the time of me writing this, none of the mentioned posts is visible yet.
Of course only one of them should be published.