We all know that you can make free calls from your PC or mobile using Skype, Viber, Line etc. But existing apps have 2 major problems. First, they struggle in congested 3G networks and just don’t work in 2G. Second, you can only call app-to-app for free. App-to-non app calls such as calls to landlines and mobile phones cost money.

Nanu is a clever little android app that allows you to make free calls on your mobile phone. nanu doesn't need a fast network, so unlike skype or viber, it works on 2g and congested networks. In other words, it works anywhere your phone does.

Nanu claims to be able to let you call any other Nanu user for free. You can also call devices which don't have the Nanu app installed, but those calls are restricted to 15 minutes. Those on small data plans might still be worried about the utility of Nanu with the consumption of 2G data, but the company says 1MB of data is sufficient for 10 minutes of phone calls.

Download Nanu from Google Play Store