Rosemala has got more than a hundred houses, few tea shops, stationery shop, a school, churches, temple, masjid and a post office. Peacocks wander the rubber plantation freely. Birds and butterflies are commonly found. The crops include pepper, cocoa, coffee, ginger, coconut, arcanut etc.

The village has got fence all around. Most of the houses have Solar lamps, as there is no electricity. The minority gay population is another specialty. The village is surrounded by high hills, forest and the Thenmala reservoir. Rosemala viewpoint has got fantastic view of the Thenmala reservoir during sunset.

Forested islands of Thenmala Reservoir from Rosemala viewpoint

Dharbhakulam is a small pond in the deep forest, 5 km from Rosemala ( 2 h trek with DFO permission, Phone :0475 234 4800).

How to Reach

From the Government Timber Depot, Aryankavu, a tarred road goes up to a distance of 3 km. The remaining route is partly rock paved, concreted, tarred and in bad condition. Two small streams has to be crossed, as it is flowing over the road. The road steeply climbs to the gate of Rosemala village.