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Thread: Building Lifting / Raising in Kerala

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    Default Building Lifting / Raising in Kerala

    e-DSS (Building Lifting / Shifting and aligning Service provider in kerala )

    We, e-DSS (Engineering- Designs & Structural Solutions) have joined hands with RKBLW; a patent holder (#219053) issued by Govt. of India and having an entry in Limca Book of Records (2005) for the lifting of building using jacks; an indigenous technology. We have an expertise in lifting, leveling/aligning & shifting of buildings for more than two decades. e-DSS has earned a reputation as one of the most prominent structural moving companies that businesses and homeowners turn to for a safe, damage-free process of lifting or moving their building. Our house/building lifting,aligning and shifting services cover entire country.We are known for our use of the most modern, up-to-date house shifting equipment, employing the latest in-house lifting and shifting technology. All our services come with guaranteed life time warranty.Our experience and track record as a building lifter/shifter and aligner will ensure that your house, building, historical structure or machinery will be lifted or shifted damage-free to your new site.Our Credentials
    • Govt. of India’s patent holder bearing #219053
    • Entry in the Limca Book of Records(2005)
    • Completed more than 5000 projects across India
    • Highly experienced team of professionals

    What we do?

    The building can be lifted to the desired height without any damage using our indigenous technology having Govt. of India’s patent.
    The tilt/slanting of houses or multistoried buildings due to the ineffective pilling/foundation can be rectified and thus the foundation is reinforced.
    The house/building can be shifted/transferred to a different location as per the requirement.

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    Yes this practice is easy for moving a completely built house. This practice is common in Western countries , where people believe in moving from one location to another.
    Also one must contract the civil consultants when building a house , or a bungalow or even for small changes in a room or a flat. As with their expert advice the execution of the plan becomes easy and strong


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