Health is very important part of our life. It is really very special for us. There is a proverb goes, " Health is Wealth"
This is really very true. One can't do anything if one's health is ill.. But few of us know about health. Most of them do not know about this. There are many component which help you healthy.This component is very useful for us/
This is called physical fitness component.Below i am saying about physical fitness component shortly....

The eight components of physical fitness
* Cardiovascular Endurance: It is your body’s ability to keep up with the exercise that helps to stimulate your cardiovascular system to work for longer periods of time. With good cardiovascular strength, the heart and the lungs will fuel your body with oxygen that is required by your muscles. Thus, ensuring that they have enough oxygen for the work they are doing.

* Muscular Strength: It is defined as the maximum push or pull that can be exerted one time by a muscle group. This helps you to carry heavy objects. In the absence of muscular strength, your body would not be able to keep up with the stipulations lodged on it.
* Muscular Endurance: It is the ability of muscles to apply sub maximal force to hold a contraction for a continuous length of time. Low levels of muscular endurance may lead to muscle or joint pain, musculo skeletal problems and poor posture.

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