When we want to watch some foreign movies or tv series, subtitles are what we need. Then how to add subtitles to video ? There are two different method for different uses.

Method 1 - use VLC
1. Play your MP4 video file with VLC.
2. Press "Subtitle" on the menu bar and choose "Add Subtitle File".
3. Load subtitle file you've downloaded.

In this way, the subtitle and video are separate files, but if you want combine them into one file, add srt to mp4 permanently, here's the way:

Method 2- Embed Subtitles Permanently With Video Converter
1 - Press "Add File" to import video
2 - Click "T" sign and choose "Add subtitle" to import SRT subtitle you've downloaded from internet.
3 - Select MP4 or other format in the expanded list of Output Format.
4 - Choose the output format and click "Run" button.