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Thread: .cdr file version x7

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    Default .cdr file version x7

    Today, I tried to open the file in CorelDraw X7, but there was a window with an error: "Error Reading CorelDraw file."
    How to get rid of this error and to open the file?

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    Make use of .cdr restoration via WinZip, if it isnít work, then refer to useful threads contained various tips and solutions CorelDraw Repair Toolbox

    Corel makes a .BAK backup file that has the same name and is usually located in the same folder as the original file, but can also be located in the /Programs/Corel/Programs/Draw folder.

    When a file is corrupted or otherwise damaged, find the .BAK file, open it, and copy it (save as) over the original corrupted file.

    Good luck!


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