New Delhi has notified revised standards for Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs), operating at various industrial clusters in the country, to minimize water pollution, and the famous Odds and even strategy to get air pollution under control.
If the Government is taking steps than we too must support it.Also as these steps will give results in future what about the problems of air pollution we are facing today.
Only having an air purifier at homes can benefit.

KENT Eternal Air Purifier comes with a higher capacity which is ideal for an area of 377 sq feet.
That means you can purify area of your living room and lobby with this purifier ideally. This model has a blend of innovative technologies including HEPA Dust collection technology, Innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology. High EER(Energy Efficiency Ratio) will ultimately reduce energy consumption.
In simple words, impeccable performance and quiet operation in a sleek, compact design. It incorporates some smart features like Air Quality Monitor, and filter replacement indicators and low noise operations. These aesthetically designed, Air purifiers are portable and can be kept on the floor or table.