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Thread: 3 Ways to Increase Video Volume

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    Default 3 Ways to Increase Video Volume

    If you're still in trouble with barely audible videos. Three simple ways to increase video volume are provided here.

    1. VLC can be used as a video volume booster. Follow the steps below to increase audio volume to maximum 300%. Press the shortcut key Ctrl+P to open "Simple Preference" window. Select "All" under "Show Settings" in the lower left corner. Type "maximum volume displayed" on the top left side. Then click on "Qt", you will see "Maximum Volume displayed" option on the right. Type 300 in the box and relaunch VLC.

    2. Import your video into Windows Movie Maker. Click the "Video Tools" tab above menu bar. Hit the "Video volume" button, drag the slider to the right to increase sound volume. Then export the video.

    3. Type "video volume booster" in Google, regardless of the commercial video editors, you can still find some simple video volume booster to increase volume of video in batches.

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    Thanks, bor, very helpful!

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