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    Summer is up and there is scarcity of water leading to frequent power cuts. In such situations there is one energy that is abundantly available in the hot season and can serve all purposes despite the shortage of electricity. We are talking about the “Solar Energy”. Your light fixtures, electrical appliances can work for a longer time using this renewable source of energy. Take a look at how your home can be converted into an eco-friendly solar home.

    Solar Products For Home -

    Solar home lights and garden lights – solar lights are the lights that need no electricity, no batteries to function. They contain photovoltaic
    solar panels that absorb sun energy and light up them up. The lights which are available in market nowadays consist of LED lights that provide enough brightness to the rooms.

    Solar fans: Summer is hot and the ceiling of the house gets heated up leading to heat waves in the house and to get rid the waves fans are necessary. But with frequent power cuts fans do not function and in such cases having a solar fan is a boon for the season. Solar fans cut down electricity and also function by photovoltaic modules. The solar attic fans are capable of reducing temperatures of attics as high as 160 degrees F.

    Solar heaters: Solar water heaters work great and at least 10% of the total population in Indian metros use Solar heaters. There is a good competition between solar water heater brands in the Indian market. Solar heaters can heat as less as 12 liters of water saving many kilowatts of electricity. The heater consists of panels which absorb heat and transfer through the pipes. The storage tank is well insulated to maintain the water temperature.

    Solar cooking systems: Solar cooking systems such as solar cookers, kettles, bowls and grills are used to cook food. These cooking systems essentially convert light energy into heat energy. They contain reflective mirrors that converge sun rays to a single focus point and successfully cook food.

    Solar water pumps: In summer, the water supply is very irregular and in such times the amount of water supplied has to be pumped to the over head tank which can happen by solar water pumps. Solar pumps are best replacements for gas and diesel pumps.

    These solar products for home do not cost much for installation and also will not require constant servicing. Solar energy is certainly the energy of the future as it can become a good replacement for fuel and electric energies.

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    I agree. The future of homes should be Solar homes as they will help in saving a lot of money and make us independent.

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    yes.. we should go for this idea,, its pretty good

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    make me a home like this plz :)

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