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Thread: How To Make Henna Hair Dye

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    Unhappy How To Make Henna Hair Dye

    How To Make Henna Hair Dye

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    Henna is a very good colorant, but after coloring, it leaves hair very dry and brittle leading to breakage.
    I too like products that have natural ingredients hence I chose Godrej Expert hair color for women and men over any other hair coloring brand in Indian market. It is very convenient to apply at home. The colorant and the developer come in pre-measured sachets that are simple to mix without worrying about the right measure. It has aloe-vera and milk protein that conditions the hair 3 times more.

    Hair Color often lead to damaged scalp and later it turns into hair fall. But Godrej expert hair color protects the scalp and hair and avoids hair fall. Use it to believe it!
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