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    Zafi-D is still top-dog virus, with some 44 per cent of all reports to anti-virus vendor Sophos for the first month of this year. NetSky-P is in second place, accounting for 19.4 per cent of reports of viral activity to Sophos.

    All in all, the top-ten lineup of viruses as reported to Sophos now looks to be:

    1. Zafi-D
    2. NetSky-P
    3. Zafi-B
    4. Sober-I
    5. NetSky-D
    6. NetSky-Z
    7. Bagle-AA
    8. NetSky-B
    9. MyDoom-O
    10. NetSky-C

    Also, Sophos estimates that 4.3 per cent of emails circulating last month were viral. This does, however, represent a slight decrease, down from 5.6 per cent for December 2004. As always, we recommend that you install up to date anti-virus software, that you regularly patch your OS with the latest security fixes, and that you install a personal firewall system. More here.

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    The most deadly list in the PC world


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